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One of the major achievements in communication industry is the invention of cell phones. Most people in the world uses a phone or in position of a phone. The developments of internet enable cell phones have improved communication. This communication device can be purchased by any average individual hence communication through this medium has become convenient to very many people. Therefore any advertisement or business done through this medium can be received by very many people.

This gives a reason why real estate mobile marketing has developed into a common practice and applies as stated bellow. The application of short message services or text messaging has made it easier for communication between home sellers and prospective buyers. This has allowed a prompt and immediate delivery of an inquiry investigation of information about an estate. It is even easier with the introduction of automated messaging services that operate and reply customers automatically on any inquiries one makes.

The use of mobile web has also enabled home seekers and sellers to communicate. Since most phones have access to the internet and very many people have access to internet as compared to those accessing the net via computers. Advertisement s can be accessed via phone web thus investors have resorted in the development of related sites to advertise the homes. It is however advisable that one uses sites compatible with all browses to enable easy view of their site. Some development brought about by the use of this technique includes; a link between a property seller and potential buyers.

All the facts information and possible inquiries about a property can be easily exchanged via short message services this help to control pricing system of different holdings and no specific individual can influence the price to sale the asset, this is left for price mechanism i. E., price and supply analysis. A home seeker can also subscribe for SMS alert service whereby one receives updates about any home on sale. Sellers also get through this service providers relevant information on potential customers Upcoming investors in home development can syndicate their investments to top real estate websites.

This enables advertisement of assets online to be accessed by more people. One major advantage being popularity of this websites, these agencies equally have modern application software enabling full cell phone browser functionality. The invention of quick response codes abbreviated as QR codes i. E., a potential investor uses mobile scanning device to scan a bar-code square on flairs, bill board or on actual property. All the required information is displayed via cell phone, hence easy access of detailed information of a property.

This system work best on property signs, and uses realtors to sale the property. Personal Branding by different Firm has also been possible through the SMS. This appears in all messages sent to the customers. Text reply also contains a link leading to their website. The Branding website can be by use of property photos, description and search for the asset.

Professionals should take advantage of the chances to take advantage of the technology. More investors can benefit from this advantage of real estate mobile marketing to improve their business using display ads and search engines. Dave is a real estate professional who specializes in marketing ideas for real estate. Tags: mobile marketing, Real Estate, real estate marketing, real estate mobile marketing Comments

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